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Mar 23, 13 10.0.0

Student Rosters

The all new Rosters function helps you stay on top of referral trends and events for your students. Rosters allow you to receive new referral notifications, access incident data and analysis for rostered students, and track group progress with roster-level reports. Rosters ensure your teachers have access to the reports they need without granting them complete access to the referrals in your account.


District Accounts now offers district accounts for school systems implementing districtwide. District accounts offer several advantages over individual school accounts for multiple-site implementations:

  • Centralized management of account settings, such as offense and action lists.
  • Centralized management of employee records and system access. Grant users access to one or more schools, or districtwide access to all schools.
  • Centralized management of student records.
  • Districtwide reports and tables.
  • Student reports that show a student’s complete incident history, regardless of school.
  • User reports that show a user’s complete incident history, regardless of school.
  • Districtwide XML Interface and CSV export for transmitting data to other systems.
  • Ability to document and process incidents involving students from multiple schools.

Unified Account Access

Your account is now accessed using your complete district-provided email address and a password of your choosing. The school code is no longer used. Users with access to multiple schools can switch schools by simply clicking the school name in the account header.

In addition, we have replaced the default password with an identity verification procedure that will be used to set passwords for new users and reset lost passwords for existing users.

School Holiday Support now keeps track of school holidays. This information is used to make scheduling disciplinary actions easier and improve report accuracy.


New Employees and Roles

The Users and Groups function has been replaced with a new Employees function that greatly simplifies access control and employee management. In lieu of custom access options, now offers the choice of four roles:

  • Super Administrator. Complete, unfettered account access. Super administrators are the only users who can edit and delete referrals, manage students, manage employees and access, and change account settings.
  • Administrator. View all referrals and reports, write referrals, assign consequences, and approve rosters.
  • Read-Only. View all referrals and reports.
  • Teacher. View referrals and reports for referrals written by the user or for students on approved rosters, write referrals, and request rosters.


Improved Notifications

All system notifications are now sent from In addition, all notification messages contain a valid DKIM signature and SPF record. This should greatly reduce probability of communication from being marked as junk mail.

Other Improvements

  • Improved handling of duplicate students during student import.
  • X-axis units on Referral Trending chart will now change with report duration.
  • Student enrollment is no longer used in any report calculation.
  • Changed the way session timeouts function to make unexpected logouts less likely.
  • History now only shows referrals from the current school year by default.
  • Added filter bar to Calendar and History.
  • Calendar now includes unscheduled actions.
  • Write Referral form now works the same for teachers and administrators.
  • Added student summary for selected student to Write Referral form.
  • The preview step has been removed from all referral forms.
  • The action scheduler now populates instantly when selecting a duration.
  • Less obtrusive confirmation and error messages.
  • Improved settings organization.
  • Improved support for Mobile Safari on iOS.
  • Improved rendering speed.
  • Completely re-designed storage engine.
  • Completely re-designed XML Interface for accessing incident data programmatically.
  • Inactive accounts now remain accessible, but cannot be edited.
  • Made nightly backups more robust by moving redundant storage offsite.
  • Added staff position column to the Referrals Written/Processed by Employee tables.
  • Lists of Injuries, Major Incident Categories, and Weapons are now editable.
  • Audio alerts now use HTML5 audio (instead of Adobe Flash).
  • Numerous bug fixes and optimizations.