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May 12, 13 10.2.0

Automated Student Import

A nightly student import can now be enabled from the Import Students screen. This feature allows you to import your students from a network location on a nightly basis. This is achieved by setting up a nightly student export from your student information system to a network location of your choosing. will read the file nightly and apply any changes to your account automatically.

Previous Unserved Actions

For accounts with Action Tracking enabled, the Calendar now includes a list of unserved actions from previous days.

Other Improvements

  • Added number of recent incidents to Rosters view
  • Added days since last incident to all reports
  • You can now filter the new referral inbox based on offense tag
  • Reduced page load times
  • Login form usability improvements
  • Added a District Code field to staff positions
  • Restored email address document template code fields
  • Improved account setup logic for users with multiple accounts