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Jun 6, 14 10.3.0

PowerSchool Integration

Import incidents from directly into PowerSchool with the new PowerSchool plugin. The importer leverages your existing incident log form to ensure your data validation rules are honored while affording your building administrators the opportunity to review incident data before it is added to PowerSchool in an environment they are already familiar with. The plugin automatically keeps your students in sync and provides flexible configuration options to align your accounts. Contact for more information.

PowerSchool Importer

Improved Student Import

The student importer has been enhanced in a number of ways:

  • The grade level column will now accept any value.
  • The race column is now optional.
  • A new ethnicity column has been added.
  • IEP and 504 Plan columns now correctly interpret “N”, “No”, “F”, “False”, and “0” as false.
  • The import process is now more tolerant of errors and will skip records with minor errors instead of aborting the entire import.
  • Error reporting has been improved to help you identify and locate issues faster.

Other Improvements

  • An ethnicity column has been added to the Complete Referral Data, Referrals by Race, and Referrals by Student tables.
  • Added an ethnicity document template code.
  • Improved layout of school list for users with access to multiple school sites.
  • Employee position is now optional.
  • Re-added the time the referral was entered to the process referral form.
  • Improved data storage layer.
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Depreciated Browser Support

Please upgrade your browsers to the most recent version. As of this writing that means: Chrome 35, Safari 7, Internet Explorer 11, or Firefox 29. Support for earlier versions of these browsers has been depreciated and will not be supported in future updates. Going forward, will only support the most recent version of these browsers. You can visit to check your browser version.