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Oct 13, 14 11.0.0

Multiple Action Support

You can now assign several actions to the same offender for the same incident. Each action will have its own schedule, details section, and printing option. You could, for example, record a parent conference in addition to a suspension and provide separate details for each. Multiple action support greatly improves your ability to capture all details of an incident and enhances compatibility with some of the most popular student information systems. This change affects the Action Distribution on all reports and Referrals by Action table, which will both report numbers that exceed 100%.

Related Student Redaction will now replace the names of related students with [Redacted] when printing documents such as parent letters and student reports. The student report will show the student names when viewing the report on the screen, but will redact this information when printing the report. This includes related offenders and victims of the same incident. Related student redaction will allow your teachers to use the names of any student involved in the incident when providing a description of the incident. This will allow for better communication with the administration and better documentation on your reports while protecting the privacy of each student involved.

Care should be taken to correctly spell each student’s name and avoid the use of initials or nicknames. The names in the Description and Details fields should match the spelling listed on the Student and Victim selections on the incident. will automatically redact the first and/or last name of any related student.

Other Improvements

  • The action scheduler will no longer allow you to schedule an action start date before the incident date and time.
  • Document printing is now done on a per-action basis.
  • Teachers can now provide the details of an action when documenting a classroom incident.
  • Improved Grade Analysis sorting.
  • Updated reports and tables for multiple-action support.
  • Zero tolerance is no longer tracked as a separate measure. Schools needing to track zero tolerance actions should do so by adjusting the list of actions accordingly.
  • Bug fixes and optimizations.