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Jul 27, 09 7.0.0

All New Report Engine

The report engine has been re-written from the ground up to give you even more access to your referral data. Use the new report header to analyze your referrals along a variety of parameters with the click of your mouse. Categorize your referrals with Tags, which allow you to segment your referral data in powerful new ways.

Choose a Tag

Referral Trending

The Referral Trending chart gives you a more accurate report of the frequency of referrals over time by factoring in the number of days per month.

Referral Trending

More Informative Process Referral Function

The updated Process Referral function includes the new Referral Trending chart and a list of upcoming consequences to help you make even better decisions about student referrals.

Referral Brief

Unprocessed Referrals Added to the Referral History

Teachers can now view referrals sent to the administration that have not been processed.

Pending Referrals

Write Multiple Referrals Simultaneously

Administrators can now write referrals for multiple students at the same time.

Other Improvements

  • An Action Distribution has been added to the student report.
  • Deleting a referral will return you to the report or calendar day you were viewing, rather than the first page of the Referral History.
  • The Most Frequently Referred and Most Frequently Referring tables will only show currently enrolled students/active users on standard reports.
  • Improved grade report to show grades with zero referrals.
  • Improved reliability of administrative action scheduler.
  • Improved referral form rendering for Internet Explorer 6 users.