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Aug 1, 10 8.0.0

Discipline REST API

The new REST API provides a standard communication interface that allows you to access your data in exciting new ways. Initially, the new API will enable direct communication with district applications.  Long-term, the API will become the foundation for future applications that make it easier than ever to manage your office referral workflow.

Major Event Tracking

The referral form has been updated with fields for major incident categories, zero tolerance enforcement, weapons, student injury, and police involvement.  In addition, changes to the scheduler now make it easier to document long actions.

Major Event Tracking

Improved Grade Analysis

The Grade Analysis chart now displays the number of referrals per enrolled student for each grade level. This change greatly improves the utility of the report for schools with an uneven enrollment distribution.

Grade Analysis Chart

New IEP Filter

Reports and tables can now be filtered to show only students with an IEP.

IEP Filter

Streamlined Referral Process

The referral form has been updated to allow administrators to send referrals to the inbox, rather than processing them immediately.

Referral Form

Other Improvements

  • Referrals written at the same time will now be treated as a single referral incident.
  • Improved description and comment formatting for the referral form and reports.
  • Ability to summarize more than two actions in the reports and the Process Referral sidebar.
  • Improved list editor for Administrative Actions.
  • Improved access to multiple accounts with the revised login form.
  • Added an Employee ID field to the Users & Groups function.
  • Added a Referrals by Position table.
  • Reorganized tables and expanded multiple tables for feature parity with the new API.
  • Added new document template codes to reflect expanded data fields.
  • Improved document formatting.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect text alignment on charts.