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Dec 5, 10 8.1.0

Improved Student Import

The student import function now supports a variety of import formats, including: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx and .xls), OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods), Comma Delimited (.csv), and Tab Delimited (.txt).

Supported Formats

The import function has also received numerous improvements, including:

  • better file detection,
  • more robust error checking,
  • automatic detection of incorrect student numbers,
  • automated management of student race values,
  • better detection of PS and PK-3 grades,
  • better detection of duplicate student rows,
  • and improved error reporting for missing or invalid values.

Improved Inbox and Notification Settings

The Inbox Preferences now support non-consecutive grades and student name limits for the display and notification of new referrals. This will greatly improve the office referral workflow for schools that share referral responsibilities among multiple administrators.

Inbox Preferences

Improved Speed

Several improvements have been made to improve speed and resource use for most functions. A new charting core has reduced page generation times of the reports by up to 80%, while a new caching routine has provided similar gains for the referral forms.

Referrals Processed by User Table

The Reports function now offers two user table choices: Referrals Written by User and Referrals Processed by User. The new tables will help schools better allocate administrative resources.

User Tables

Other Improvements

  • Implemented a work around for an issue that causes file uploads to hang in Safari.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause imports to fail if the import file contained empty rows below the student data.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an unexpected logout when a high number of import errors were encountered.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Tags with special characters to function incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to orphan Calendar entries under certain circumstances.
  • Added an Action histogram to the User report.
  • Attempting to add a student who was previously unenrolled will now re-enroll the student automatically.