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Feb 3, 12 9.0.0

Classroom Managed Incidents Add-On

Allow your teachers to report discipline incidents that occur in the classroom without sending a referral to the office. Administrators can now specify which actions are available for teacher use and even create document templates that correspond to these actions. New reporting options will help you analyze office referrals and classroom managed incidents separately. This feature will accommodate several new workflows:

  • The recording of minor incidents for schools implementing PBIS.
  • Documentation of steps taken by a teacher prior to writing a referral.
  • Direct access to detention and other consequences by teachers.

Classroom Incidents

Classroom Managed Incidents can be enabled in the new Add-Ons Settings panel. A $99 USD charge will be added to your 2012/2013 invoice.

Document Translation Add-On

Create Document Templates that print in a different language than your account default. Your referral details will be converted to the document template language when you print the document.

Document Translation

Document Translation can be enabled in the new Add-Ons Settings panel. A $99 USD charge will be added to your 2012/2013 invoice.

Improved Action Scheduler

You can now specify the default start and end time for each administrative (and classroom) action. For example, if you set the default time for lunch detention to 12:00 to 1:00, that time will be used when you assign that consequence.


Calendar Access for Teachers

In addition to the Referral History, teachers can now access referrals they have previously written using the Calendar.

More Accessible Report Options

Report filtering and range options have been moved into a new report properties menu above each report. These options were previously accessible from the Reports menu, or hidden in the report header.

Report Menu

Other Improvements

  • Added an option to turn off year-ago data in system reports.
  • Added Section 504 Plan status to student information.
  • Added support for Early Childhood grades.
  • Changing a student’s IEP or 504 Plan status now updates all referrals for the current school year with the new status.
  • Improved Calendar permissions. Now you can grant view and edit permissions separately.
  • The Grade Analysis chart is no longer weighted by student enrollment.
  • Improved support for special characters.
  • Improved Student Import compatibility with popular student information systems.
  • Improved Student Import error checking.
  • Removed some NCES code support.
  • Removed security settings.
  • Fixed an issue where charts would not print in Google Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue caused by incorrectly set system time.

Depreciated Browser Support

Please upgrade your browsers to Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 10, Chrome 16, or Safari 5. Support for earlier versions of these browsers has been depreciated and will not be supported in future updates.