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Oct 8, 18 Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael is expected to make landfall near Tallahassee late Wednesday and travel north through the panhandle of Florida Wednesday and Thursday. Tallahassee - and - is projected to be in the path of this very dangerous storm. will be closed Wednesday, October 10th through Friday, October 12th.

We are expecting widespread power outages that will impair our ability to respond to customer requests in a timely fashion. Depending on the conditions in Tallahassee, it may take us several days to respond to new requests. Users should refer to our resource center, located at the link below, which contains comprehensive documentation.

The storm will not impact the availability of applications and services. Our servers are located in the northeast - a safe distance from natural disasters like the one we are facing now - and backed up nightly to redundant servers throughout the United States to guard against data loss in the event of a catastrophic event at those sites.