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Nov 9, 16 Incidents 1.1

The first major Incidents update is here and includes a number of changes to improve usability and further streamline your minor incident and office referral workflows.

Incident View

  • The redesigned incident view delivers a simpler and more prominent display of incident details.
  • User activity has been added to the bottom of the incident and action views.
  • New print buttons make printing fast and easy.
  • The app will now ask if you want to save your changes when closing the incident view.

Incident View


  • Administrators can now enable text message notifications for new referrals by clicking on the notifications button in the Inbox toolbar.

Incident View

Draft Incidents

  • If you close the incident view when composing a new incident, the app will offer to save a draft of the incident. Resume working on your incident by clicking the Compose button.

Incident View

Printing Improvements

  • Incident printing has been re-implemented around an offender-centered model, giving you the ability to print documents that include all assigned actions.
  • Document templates now specify a primary action, which can be set to a specific action or the action with the longest duration. This approach supports both general purpose templates and action-specific templates (such as suspension letters).
  • New document template codes give you the ability to include details of secondary actions, if assigned.
  • New template settings enable finer control over who can print a given template.

Other Changes

  • Improved interschool incident display
  • Improved colors on low contrast displays
  • Numerous bug fixes