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Aug 8, 17 Incidents 1.3

Improved Incident Workflow

We have added two new options to the incident menu: you can now convert an incident from an office referral to a minor incident (and back) and create a new incident by making a copy an existing incident.

Among other things, these changes should address the issue of teachers entering office referrals that should be reported as a minor. The administrator will have two new options to deal with this scenario:

  1. Convert the erroneous office referral to a minor incident, record the action, and save the incident.

  2. Delete the incident. The teacher can create a copy of the deleted incident at Settings -> Deleted Incidents, make the necessary changes (including changing the incident type), and resubmit the corrected incident.

Incident Menu

Improved Deleted Incidents

The Deleted Incidents view (Settings -> Deleted Incidents) has gained improved layout and navigation, a new Copy Incident command for users without the restore incidents permission, and the ability to download deleted incident data.

Deleted Incidents

Offense Types

Offenses can now be set for use for any incident type, only minor incidents, or only office referrals (Settings -> Measures -> Offenses). Use this feature to ensure that incidents involving certain offenses are always reported as the correct incident type.

Other Changes

  • New Public API
  • Improved animation performance
  • Improved Firefox rendering
  • Bug fixes