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May 20, 16 Incidents

This summer, is launching Incidents – a brand new way to manage student behavior in K-12 settings. Incidents offers a simpler, more intuitive user experience built from the ground up to make it easier than ever to document and troubleshoot code-of-conduct violations at the district, school, grade, employee, and student levels. Packed with incredible new features, Incidents will help schools and systems respond to the demands of today’s MTSS process while saving their administrators and teachers countless hours every day.

These release notes contain information about important new features, licensing, and how to access the new app.

Incident-Based Workflow & Analysis

We have completely re-engineered the incident workflow to make the management of multi-offender incidents a snap.


Multi-offender incidents are displayed in the inbox as a single item, providing administrators with a more accurate picture of the event. The new incident form makes it easy to add and remove offenders and split multi-offender incidents into separate incidents, while our state-of-the-art privacy algorithms identify and redact student names to protect privacy.


Incidents also features incident-based reporting, with calculations that more accurately reflect the number of events while aligning with the statistics reported to your student information system. This change affects how the total number of incidents and other values are calculated on nearly all reports. We encourage you to access the preview to see how this change affects your district or school.

Responsive Design

Incidents was designed to work great on desktops, tablets, and even smartphones. Large tap targets and a responsive design ensure a world-class experience across a variety of devices. Every feature is available in all screen sizes, so you can enter new incidents, assign consequences, and access detailed reporting on the go.


Minor Incidents

Minor incidents have been completely re-implemented as a primary incident type. Minor incidents can now be entered by any user. Support for multi-offender minor incidents has been added. Incident types are located in convenient tabs throughout the app, so entering and accessing data for different incident types is easier than ever.


Improved Reports

The dashboard, history, and reports menu have been combined into an all-new reports view that makes it easier than ever to analyze and troubleshoot student behavior, while providing lightning-fast access to individual incidents.


Both novice and advanced users can quickly access data for different incident types, apply and remove filters from reports, and move between different reports with ease. Contextual charts provide important information at a glance and in-app tables make it easier than ever to explore your incident data.


We have also added a new presentation mode, which will remove school, student, and employee names from the reports, so you can share data with a broader group of people while protecting the privacy of those involved.

Familiar Experience

Although entirely new, Incidents was designed to be immediately familiar to our users with years of experience. Features are organized the same way in the app menu, the information you enter when documenting new incidents and assigning consequences is largely unchanged, and reports have familiar components.



A one-year, single-school Incidents license is $499. The Minor Incident Add-On (formerly Classroom Managed Incidents) is priced at $199 per license term. Document translation – formerly a $99 add-on – is now included for free as a standard feature for all licenses.

Incidents will replace the existing app you use today. There is no data conversion and all accounts will be automatically upgraded to the new app when it is released.

Technology Preview

You can try out Incidents today at the address below. Please report issues and send feedback to