Analyze, evaluate, and communicate

State-of-the-art reports provide you with the information you need to make great decisions. Your account will allow you to easily:

  • identify students in need of services,
  • pinpoint where and when challenging behavior is most likely to occur,
  • select and measure response to targeted interventions, and
  • communicate effectively with parents and others.

Paperless Workflow

Save time and trees

Eliminate double entry and save time with a revolutionary paperless incident workflow. Document new incidents and assign consequences with easy-to-use web forms. Your account will alert you when a new referral arrives and notify the referring teacher of the consequence you assign. You can use your paper referrals with the service, but once you try an electronic referral, you won’t want to!


Stay in the loop

Rosters help you stay informed about your students’ behavior anywhere on campus. With, you will:

  • be notified when your students are referred by others,
  • access complete referral reports for rostered students,
  • and monitor group progress and interventions.


Track students and suspensions

An innovative referral calendar will help you track consequences as though you wrote down every incident in your day planner. Want to know who is suspended tomorrow? Trying to locate students who did not serve detention last week? Find this information and more with the referral calendar.

Smart Import

Keep your students in sync

The smart import function makes it easy to keep your student records current. Add new students, update existing students, and hide students who are no longer enrolled by importing your student data from a spreadsheet. If you only have a handful of students to add or edit, an intuitive student management function makes it quick and painless.

Schools & Systems

Behavior change at any scale can be implemented by individual schools, entire school systems, or anything in-between. Districtwide implementations will enjoy the benefits of:

  • centralized management of settings, students, and employees;
  • districtwide reporting and access;
  • student reports that cut across multiple schools;
  • interfaces for transmitting data to other systems;
  • and much more.


Protect your data and privacy

128-bit SSL encryption protects your data and your connection to the server while straightforward security options allow you to determine who can access your school’s account and what they can do while logged in. Create accounts for your teachers and staff with flexible access options and ensure your staff can access everything they need and nothing they don’t.


Extraordinary affordability

A 1-year Incidents+ license starts at only $499 USD per school. Each account includes:

  • A free 30-day trial
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Unlimited students
  • Super fast email support
  • Nightly data backups

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