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From the Narrative:

The Great Behavior Game is a fantastic new way to manage your classroom that combines five decades of research and modern classroom technology into a fun and easy-to-implement package. This brief demonstration will highlight the major features of the game, including: roster management, game play and scoring.

Multiple Roster Support

When you login to your account, The Great Behavior Game will allow you to manage multiple rosters of students. If, for example, you wanted to use The Great Behavior Game with your homeroom class and your intensive reading block, you could create a separate roster for each.

To add a student to a roster, type the student’s name and press enter. The students’ names will be alphabetized as you add them. You can also delete a student by clicking the trash icon next to the student’s name and confirming your selection.

To start a game or to switch between rosters click the Play Now button. I already have a game in progress for my first roster; so let’s use that.

Game Play

The game board displays a game piece for each student and should be projected so all students can see their scores during game play. When you start the game, your students will begin automatically earning points. Special points – stars – will be awarded every ten consecutive points.

Each game piece has three modes. During the first mode, earn, the student will automatically earn points. You can single-click a game piece during this mode to award a bonus point.

In the event of student misbehavior, click-and-hold the game piece to assign a timeout. A red progress bar will count down the time remaining. During timeout, the student will not earn points and his or her progress toward the next star will start over. If the need arises, click the game piece during timeout to restart the counter.

If a student continues to exhibit disruptive behavior during timeout, you can click-and-hold the game piece again to place the student into a freeze. During a freeze, the student will not earn points, and he or she will stay in the freeze until you release it with another click-and-hold action.

Game play is easy and you can award bonus points and assign timeouts while you teach your lessons. In the event that you make a mistake, simply click the Undo button to reverse the last action.


When you pause the game, the leaderboard will display each student’s scores relative to his or her peers, which encourages competition and allows you to reinforce high performing students.


When game play is complete, the Scores function will help you monitor and evaluate your students’ progress over time. Each report shows the number of stars earned, the percent of daily points earned, the number of bonus points delivered each day, a timeout distribution to help you identify hot spots, and a summary of the students’ scores for the week.

You can evaluate the performance of your entire class, or choose an individual student from the menu. Additionally, the Scores menu features a Print All button so you can print a report for each student in your class to send home as a weekly progress note.

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