Your Daily Schedule for Distance Learning

  1. Live Classroom Sessions
  2. Interactive Experiences
  3. Learning Materials
  4. Reminders

Easy Reminders and Activities

Today@School lesson plans consist of reminders and activities. Reminders are short snippets of text to remind students and parents of upcoming events. Activities are items to be completed by the student each day. Activities might include a description of the lesson, link to the resource, and attached handouts and materials. Students can check off activities as they are completed to help them keep track of their own daily progress.

Flexible Classes and Groups

Today@School supports multiple classes so you can continue to teach the way you always have. Share unique lesson plans for each class you teach and create small groups to differentiate instruction.

Fast, Passwordless Sharing

Inviting students and parents to join your class is as easy as sharing the link to your class page. There are no passwords to remember, accounts to create, or other hoops to jump through. You can even share classes other teachers have shared with you, so you can share a single link that includes all of your students’ classes.

Hassle-Free Updates

Have to reschedule a live session, update the link for a pre-recorded video, or make other changes to your plans? Just make the change and it will appear on your students’ schedules next time they open the app.

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